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Ellie - Smart Baby Monitor Pro

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AI Function No Monthly Fees

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Key Features

  • 8 AI detection features including Covered face & roll over detection, breathing detection & sleeping quality report, danger zone detection, cry detection, auto-smoothing, person tracking, and auto photo capture.
  • One-click generation of Baby's Sleep Analysis Report: Look back at the baby's sleep report for the past 7 days to understand every detailed data of the baby's sleep.
  • Timeline Smart Review Video: Accurately review previously recorded videos through the timeline.
  • Advanced 2.5K QHD 400W Pixel full infrared night vision. Support Pan-Tilt rotation.
  • Upgraded Two-way Communication: Upgrading speaker quality gives a more powerful tool to soothe your baby.
  • 5 GHz & 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi Support: Faster connection, better live video quality.
  • SD Card Local Storage: It is more secure than cloud storage.
  • APP no Monthly Fees, up to 5 sub-accounts: All features of the app are free to use. And the Administrator can manage the permissions for watching intercom and review functions.



5.2in X 5.2in X 4in (132mm X 133mm X 103mm)


0.55lbs (248g)

Color Options


Material Type

Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene (ABS)

AI Processor



Image Sensor

GC4653 4MP

Video Resolution


Field of View


Focal Length


Night Vision

840nm invisible LEDs | illuminate up to 32feet (10 meters)

Video Format


Mechanical Tilt


Operating Temperature

32 ℉ ~ 104 ℉ ( 0 ℃ ~ 40 ℃)

Connectivity Requirements

5 GHz / 2.4 GHz WiFi

Power Supply

AC adapter Input

100-240V AC, 50/60Hz, 0.65A

AC adapter Output

5V DC, 2A


Micro SD Card up to 128GB

Communication technology


Compatible products


APP Compatibility

iOS, Android 5.0 or later

Why Ellie Baby Pro




Other Cloud-Based AI Products

Other Non-WIFI Product

Cry Detection

Sleep Tracking & Analytic

Infrared Night Vision

Breathing Detection

Person Tracking

Covered Face Alarm

Temp & Humidity Sensor

Auto Photo Capture

Auto Lullaby Play

Danger Zone Protection

Privacy Mode Monitoring

360 degree rotation

Storage (Privacy Protection)

Local Storage

Cloud Storage

Local Sorage

APP Subscription Fee

NO Subscripion Fee

9.99~19.99/ month

NO Subscripion Fee


2.5K ultra clear


720P~ 1080P


Why choose Ellie

  • 360° Wide-Angle View
  • 100% Privacy Protection
  • 2.5K Ultra HD
  • AI Function No Monthly Fees
60° Wide-Angle View

360° View of the Room

The app console enables 360° PTZ rotation for a comprehensive view of the baby's movements. It also offers two-way audio to soothe the baby in special situations.

100% Privacy Protection

100% Privacy Protection

Ellie baby monitor is EU GDPR certified, storing video data locally for enhanced security and preventing any cloud uploads. This eliminates the risk unauthorized access.

2.5K Ultra HD

2.5K Ultra HD

Ellie baby monitor supports a 2.5k HD ultra-definition resolution and features a 5MP night vision infrared light. It is specifically designed to display the finest details, even in the dark.

AI Function No Monthly Fees

AI Function No Monthly Fees

All features of the app are free to use. The app allows for up to 5 subaccounts, and the administrator can manage permissions related to intercom viewing and review functions.


Product Video

Ellie Baby Pro gives you a total view of baby's safety, sleep and memories. -360Wide-Angle View -2.5K Ultra HD -100% Privacy Protection -AI Function No Monthly Fees

  • Ellie Baby Pro gives you a total view of baby's safety, sleep and memories. -360Wide-Angle View -2.5K Ultra HD -100% Privacy Protection -AI Function No Monthly Fees

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  • How to reset WIFI ?
  • Does the boundary feature work for a regular size bed or only cribs? Would love this camera for our kids but they are no longer in cribs.
  • What’s the app that I download?
  • Is it true that the sleep analysis report is free?
  • My family lives in Italy, can I share the surveillance footage with them?
  • Can Ellie smart baby camera connect to alexa or google home?
  • Can the camera be mounted in the wall and if so how?
  • Does this have zoom capabilities?
  • Is it wireless?
  • It is need to be connected to electricity or charging?

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Customer Reviews
  • Geoff

    Best baby monitor I've had!

    This thing is awesome and I'l lbe getting another one. It takes a photo every day of your baby so you have a photo diary of your young one growing up! It tracks their sleep, soothes them if they wake up. A couple of my friends actually ordered this thing 'cause they found it so cool. Thank yoU!
  • Nicole Yea

    I really love the picture

    Overall quite happy. Camera is very clear - great picture. The notifications are coming out immediately when detect the baby falls asleep and cries. The auto-capture feature is really amazing. I got a lot of funny snapshots. Lol
  • Kyle

    Product very satisfied

    First of all, this camera is very cute when it is turned on. It can rotate 360 ​​degrees. The night vision is also very clear. The video is stable. When I do things outside the room, it can perfectly record whether the baby is sleeping, awake or crying. I am satisfied that it is still playing music to soothe the baby. Overall it is good.
  • Taylor S

    It works very well.

    We bought it and put it in our camping trailer so we could monitor it remotely when we went on short trips.The good news is that we now use it at home.Look after the baby.So, it works very well.
  • Jennifer canady

    Must have! Definitely buy!

    Ellie baby Pro is a must have on your registry! Super good picture and sound quality! Even has different lullabies for baby! So many cool features that make this baby monitor so worth it! It alerts you when baby cries and the baby doesn’t even have to be in the room! Super useful for when I’m in school and the baby is being babysat!
  • Rachael Wilhelm

    Wonderful baby monitor

    Really love this baby monitor. It has a very easy set up with clear instructions. It has an app you use with it to check in on your baby which also works great. It has a decent quality picture but that’s all you really need for a quick check in. This monitor even picks up sounds and motion which sends you an alert when it detects. Overall, really love this product.
  • Sarah

    Great Option for Travel!

    This baby camera was perfect for our vacation. Yes, you need to have wifi to connect to it, but you can use your phone as a hot spot.I’m sure it would be good for home use too, but it was worth it to have a baby monitor on the go. Excellent picture quality and night vision.
  • Keshia

    We love Ellie!

    We absolutely love this camera and highly recommend it for anyone that has even the thought of purchasing a baby cam. We purchased another brand initially, but were not too happy with its functionality and the quality of the image even though it was super expensive. Then we saw someone's reel and we were instantly attracted to the Ellie featured in it. Why? 1 - The Video streaming quality was far superior the the one we had. 2 - The flexible nature of the camera and its wall mount are second to none. The base is super flexible and you can attach it to almost anything. We take Ellie with us whenever we travel and don't need a base to set it up, we just attach it to anything and its field of view is impressive. 3 - App functionality, is brilliant and easy to use. Has not subscription fee to use it’ service, the camera itself is easy to control and lets us know when our little one needs care. At the end of the day, the Ellie is highly functional, easy to use, quality video stream, easy to configure and then adjust.
  • shea2017

    Great for new moms

    This is a really cool camera for watching my baby. The setup was very simple and the quality is pretty good for the price, I highly recommend
  • Keshia

    Rely on my Simshine cameras

    We purchased the Baby Pro camera as our daughter's first camera and have continued to rely on it ever since. We loved it so much that we bought a second camera Baby 2 when our son was born. The standout features include crystal-clear day and nighttime pictures with easy zoom, wifi streaming to multiple devices, remote viewing, sleep and breathing tracking with a sleeping quality report, voice soothing, and motion tracking. With two cameras, we can view dual screens or just one in the app.
  • Thomas

    Some peace of mind to help us sleep!

    Having the Baby Pro for two months has brought us a lot of comfort. The roll/blocked face notifications and breathing tracker are especially helpful for monitoring our baby's sleep. We are very satisfied with the product and the customer service
  • Courtney M.

    Great Product! Definitely Recommend!

    The Simshine Baby Pro is designed with a focus on user experience. Easy to understand the purpose of all the components and the app is intuitive to use. The weekly and daily snapshots make it easy to see important information and trends. One unique feature of this baby monitor is the ability to set up a visible monitoring zone for family members while keeping other areas private, which is greatly appreciated for maintaining privacy. Overall, the Ellie Baby Pro is a great choice for monitoring your baby.
  • Molly D.

    Great monitor, gives peace of mind

    We use the Simshine Baby Pro monitor for our baby and it has been really helpful and consistent.The picture quality is excellent, with good nighttime detail. The live breathing feature is really a cool addition, and and the Ellie Baby Pro will also alert you if the baby cries or if their face is covered.The music feature doubles as a sound machine, especially helpful during nap time. The app is easy to use and connects to the monitor via wifi without any issues. The setup was simple too.
  • Anna Hereth

    Definitely worth getting! Will definitely recommend to all of my friends!

    We were introduced to this product by a family friend, as first-time parents, my husband and I were constantly worried about our baby's breathing. However, this baby monitor has given us peace of mind by tracking the baby's breathing patterns and alerting us if anything is abnormal. The monitor is sleek and the app is easy to use, allowing us to see the baby's picture and hear their sounds clearly. The picture is clear enough to see if any blankets have shifted in the crib, and the app also tells us when the baby falls asleep and wakes up.
  • Tee

    Still works

    I am impressed with the picture quality. The app is very user friendly. Also, the fact that it came with a memory card is a plus. There is also a mounting attachment. Everything is perfect so far.
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Ellie - Smart Baby Monitor Pro
Ellie - Smart Baby Monitor Pro
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