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Ellie - Smart Baby Monitor Pro
4.9 (48 Reviews)
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4.9based on 48 Customer Reviews
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Customer Reviews
  • Taylor S
    2023-08-23 12:00:00

    It works very well.

    We bought it and put it in our camping trailer so we could monitor it remotely when we went on short trips.The good news is that we now use it at home.Look after the baby.So, it works very well.
  • Geoff
    2023-09-08 02:02:20

    Best baby monitor I've had!

    This thing is awesome and I'l lbe getting another one. It takes a photo every day of your baby so you have a photo diary of your young one growing up! It tracks their sleep, soothes them if they wake up. A couple of my friends actually ordered this thing 'cause they found it so cool. Thank yoU!
  • Kyle
    2023-08-26 02:01:00

    Product very satisfied

    First of all, this camera is very cute when it is turned on. It can rotate 360 ​​degrees. The night vision is also very clear. The video is stable. When I do things outside the room, it can perfectly record whether the baby is sleeping, awake or crying. I am satisfied that it is still playing music to soothe the baby. Overall it is good.
  • Kathryn Koh
    2022-07-04 03:16:00

    We love this baby camera

    This is the second baby monitor we bought. Love it! The crying and monitor detection are perfect, exactly what we were looking for. I also love the danger zone notifications because I’m always worried about baby leave from safe area.
  • Nicole Yea
    2023-09-01 03:35:00

    I really love the picture

    Overall quite happy. Camera is very clear - great picture. The notifications are coming out immediately when detect the baby falls asleep and cries. The auto-capture feature is really amazing. I got a lot of funny snapshots. Lol
  • Rachael Wilhelm
    2023-08-07 06:19:00

    Wonderful baby monitor

    Really love this baby monitor. It has a very easy set up with clear instructions. It has an app you use with it to check in on your baby which also works great. It has a decent quality picture but that’s all you really need for a quick check in. This monitor even picks up sounds and motion which sends you an alert when it detects. Overall, really love this product.
  • Sarah
    2023-07-18 05:15:00

    Great Option for Travel!

    This baby camera was perfect for our vacation. Yes, you need to have wifi to connect to it, but you can use your phone as a hot spot.I’m sure it would be good for home use too, but it was worth it to have a baby monitor on the go. Excellent picture quality and night vision.
  • LoveBooks
    2022-04-25 04:05:00


    If you want a baby monitor with all of the bells and whistles this is a great one! I can live stream, record, take pictures, play lullabies, talk to my baby through the phone, and listen to what is going on all while being notified if my daughter is crying!! The set up was so easy and painless! Definitely recommend!
  • Zero
    2022-04-03 04:07:00

    Easy app. Nice looking in the nursery

    We had a regular Wi-Fi cam in the nursery before and it looked out of place. I like this camera since it's so cute and looks right at home in there. We both have the Simcam app on our android phones and haven't had any issues with it.
  • LaShara
    2022-05-16 02:50:00

    tter than expected

    Today is my 10th day have been use this baby monitor, I have nothing to complain about. It’s worked very will from now. The video quality is good during day and night, one thing is during night time it’s black and white images, but it’s totally fine lol. After set up with app, it’s send all reminders such as baby was moving, baby was awake, and baby was crying, so I was able to monitor every movement of baby. And it has very cute look.
  • Kenneth Davis
    2022-01-23 02:52:00

    Better than more expensive brands.

    I got this because my previous baby camera (well known brand) just basically stopped working. I was unable to pair the camera with the monitor to watch the baby on and the app wouldn’t sync with the camera. Anyways…this camera was super easy to set up and use. I set it up the first time and haven’t had to touch it yet. It hasn’t dropped connection to the internet or anything. Very strong support beam. I do with there there different variations of how you can connect the ride ti the bade but I made it work in the end. The night vision is great. Sounds is great. App control is amazing. I love that it plays calming sounds of it beards the baby crying. Sometimes she just hears the sounds and goes back to sleep. Great camera!
  • Brandy Lockhart
    2022-05-25 02:56:00

    Works amazing!

    Love that I can see my little and night with great pic quality! Also let’s me know if he wakes up! Great monitor
  • AnnDee20
    2022-04-18 03:02:00

    Cute and easy install

    Easy installation. The camera is so cute and i love how the video can rotate. The video is clear. Love how i can personalize the camera for my baby. It also notifies me when it hears a baby cry and it will automatically play a lullaby after.. it’s so amazing!!
  • Kelsey V.
    2022-12-29 02:27:00

    Peace of mind

    Wow, just amazing how this picks up every sound from your baby and how quickly it alerts you for any cries. grateful to our friend who gifted this to us… by far best baby gift ever received!
  • Ariel Tsao
    2022-10-25 04:19:00

    Great camera quality, and excellent app features

    We are loving the SIMSHINE BABY 2 monitor! The picture is so clear to see the baby and love that it tracks the baby sleeping and breathing and gives the baby sleeping quality report. Baby is only a week old today, so she is still co-sleeping in a bassinet next to our bed, but we’ve been trying out the monitor during nap time and it’s reassuring to know she is fine/breathing well when not next to her to monitor her breathing! I’ve recommending it to every new parent I know!
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