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Welcome to Ellie!

Ellie, a cherished subsidiary brand of Simshine, is committed to providing you with exceptional baby care solutions. Our brand essence revolves around a lovable baby elephant, representing boundless love and attention, safeguarding the growth of precious little ones.

At Ellie, our mission is to provide peace of mind with reliable and trustworthy baby care products, simplifying the journey of parenthood. In Ellie's world, every baby is treasured as if they were our own. Our aspiration is to become an integral part of your family, delivering the finest services and products. Join us in fostering a loving home where warmth and happiness thrive.

Our Story

  • Founding Background

    In today's world, AI technology has widespread applications across science, technology, education, and entertainment. However, the care and companionship of infants and young children still heavily rely on traditional methods, placing significant pressure on parents.

    Ellie, a smart maternal and infant brand, integrates AI technology into the growth of infants and young children, and is committed to bringing more convenient and scientifically grounded parenting methods.

  • Founder profile

    Ellie offers a unique perspective on mother and baby care. Founded by two fathers, Ellie prioritizes the protection of babies while extending care to mothers.

    Founder CEO: Zhang Qingqi, currently leading as the CEO of the company, possesses 13 years of experience in hardware product development and supply chain management. He is a graduate of the National University of Singapore and embarked on his entrepreneurial journey in the field of intelligent hardware since 2014.

    Founder CTO: Chen Hui, formerly the Minister of Automation at China Metallurgical Southern Intelligent Manufacturing Research Institute, has overseen international cooperative projects in the realm of industrial Internet. He specializes in edge computing research and development and holds more than 30 related patents.

  • Why we created Ellie?

    Ellie was created to tackle common issues of smart home cameras: false alarms, missed motion detection, latency, expensive subscriptions, privacy vulnerabilities, and and more by introducing proactive solutions for better home protection and connectivity.


    Ellie® goes beyond homes, offering a customizable and interoperable system for developers and businesses.

  • We didn't start from zero

    In 2017,Simshine was founded by a team of computer vision scientists with the goal of advancing edge computing, which involves running AI vision algorithms directly on devices with the primary focus initially on delivering tailor-made software-and-hardware solutions for businesses.

    Collaborating with renowned universities in China, Simshine's engineers elevated the precision and processing speed of on-device AI algorithms to unprecedented heights. This algorithmic advantage led major chip providers, including Intel, to grant Simshine top-level development permissions and direct support. These efforts ultimately positioned Simshine as a pioneering force in revolutionizing the smart home industry.

    Ellie, as a sub-brand, was officially established in 2023. Based on Simshine, it focuses on baby monitors and provides parents with more professional care services.



January - Wuhan Star Patrol Intelligence was established


October - Obtained the National High tech Enterprise Certificate


January - Awarded the title of "Ling Enterprise"

April - Haima Dad's caregiver 1st generation launched


March - Haima Dad's caregiver 1st generation : Simshine Baby Pro launched

Double 11th National Congress Promotion - Ranked first in sales of baby care devices across the entire network


April - Smart dining chairs launched

July - The second generation : Simshine Baby 2 launched


JUNE - The sub-brand Ellie was established for overseas markets

JUNE - Ellie Baby Pro launched

2023 Awards

JUNE - Awards: 2023 Product of the Year & 2023 BMC Top Choice

December - Gold Award

  • AI Visual Technology

    Face recognition
    Target Movement Monitoring
    Visual embedded technology
    Non contact vital sign monitoring
    Applied in functions such as sleep monitoring and AI fencing
  • AI audio recognition

    Infant crying recognition
    Baby Audio Description
    Natural language processing of Infant Crying
    Realized accurate recognition of infant crying sounds up to 99%
  • 17 years of research and development to build technical barriers

    Number of patents 150+
    Invention Patent 80+
    New Patent 35+
    Appearance Patent 30+

Won various professional awards in the industry

Our mission

To bring true peace of mind and more convenience to people's life by embedding advanced Al vision into easy-to-use cameras.

Mom's Choice Awards
“We are happy to award deserving products like the Ellie Baby Pro Monitor. Our panel of judges really felt this product merited a place on our list of the best in family-friendly products that parents and educators can feel confident in using.”

Dawn Matheson, CEO, Mom’s Choice Awards