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    Baby monitor with camera and audio can smart tracking the baby sleeping. By tracking the baby’s sleep quality, form an analysis report of the sleep quality, which can be downloaded to check and analyze and adjust the urgent situation in time. So the baby sleeps better and is healthier, and parents don't worry anymore.

  • Tempreture & Humitily

    Detection can alerts,tempreture over 84 (℉) or less than 68 (℉) to insure baby sleep in a comfortable enviroment.

  • Sleeping Quality Report

    "Ellie" app on your smartphone tells the live breathing waveform showing your baby’s respiration. Local processor immediately analyzes data and delivers real-time awake/asleep and sleep analysis reports. Look back at the baby's sleep report for the past 7 days, understand every detailed data of the baby's sleep.

  • Two-way Voice Call

    Anytime, anywhere, you can pick up your mobile phone and talk to your baby through the Ellie APP, or coax your baby to sleep by yourself, giving your baby a more sense of security.

  • Lullabies

    Ellie identifies your baby's cries at 99% accuracy,It automatically plays music to soothe your baby while sending notifications to your smartphone.

Learn what we can do for your life as a parent

  • Safety

    Ensure your baby's safety and ease your mind.

  • Memories

    Capture moments you can't miss, and share the joy.


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