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Discover the Story of Ellie Baby Plus


Every great invention begins with a story, and Ellie Baby Plus is no exception. It all started with a simple yet profound mission: to create the perfect solution for parents to monitor their babies with absolute confidence and peace of mind. Ellie, a brand known for its dedication to family safety and comfort, set out to design a baby monitor that transcends traditional limitations. Through countless hours of research and development, the Ellie Baby Plus was born, embodying the essence of innovation and care.


Inspired by Real Parent Experiences

The journey to create Ellie Baby Plus was deeply inspired by the real experiences of parents. Ellie’s team listened to countless stories from new parents who shared their concerns about privacy, safety, and the desire for a reliable monitoring system. These heartfelt stories became the foundation upon which Ellie Baby Plus was built. Every feature of the monitor was designed with the intention of addressing the genuine needs of parents, ensuring that they could focus on what truly matters: their baby’s well-being.


Non-WiFi Connectivity: A Promise of Safety

At the heart of Ellie Baby Plus is a commitment to safety and privacy. In a world where digital security is paramount, Ellie chose to implement a non-WiFi connection for their baby monitor. This decision was made to protect families from potential hacking risks and ensure that their baby’s privacy is never compromised. The secure, non-WiFi connection symbolizes Ellie’s dedication to creating a safe and trusted environment for both parents and babies.


Advanced AI Tracking: A Guardian Angel for Your Baby

Ellie Baby Plus comes equipped with advanced AI tracking, a feature that acts like a guardian angel for your baby. This technology offers real-time monitoring of movements and sounds, providing parents with instant notifications and updates. Inspired by the desire to keep babies safe and parents reassured, Ellie’s AI tracking system is available at no extra cost, making state-of-the-art monitoring accessible to all families.


24-Hour Playback: Capturing Precious Moments

One of the unique features of Ellie Baby Plus is its 24-hour playback with AI notification checks. This allows parents to review the day’s events and ensures they never miss a significant moment. Whether it’s a first smile or a peaceful nap, every precious moment is captured and accessible. This feature was developed with the understanding that parents cherish every milestone, and Ellie Baby Plus ensures those memories are never lost.


High-Definition Clarity: Seeing is Believing

Ellie Baby Plus offers 2.5K HD picture quality and infrared night vision, providing crystal clear images of your baby, day and night. This feature was inspired by the countless parents who expressed the need for a monitor that delivers clear visuals, even in low light conditions. Ellie’s commitment to high-definition clarity ensures that parents can always see their baby clearly, providing peace of mind and reassurance.


Enhanced Privacy and Convenience

Understanding the importance of privacy, Ellie Baby Plus utilizes SD card storage instead of cloud storage. This decision was made to ensure that all footage remains private and secure. Parents can access their baby’s recordings without worrying about data breaches or unauthorized access. Additionally, the power-saving screen of Ellie Baby Plus allows for continuous use for 5 to 7 days, a feature designed for busy parents who need a reliable and convenient solution.


Environmental Comfort: A Holistic Approach

Ellie’s dedication to creating a perfect monitoring solution extends beyond just visuals and security. The Ellie Baby Plus also includes temperature and humidity detection, helping parents maintain the ideal environment for their baby. This holistic approach to baby monitoring ensures that every aspect of the baby’s comfort and health is taken into account.


Ellie’s Brand Values: A Legacy of Care

Ellie Baby Plus is more than just a product; it represents Ellie’s brand values and legacy of care. From the meticulous design process to the thoughtful inclusion of advanced features, every aspect of Ellie Baby Plus reflects the brand’s commitment to supporting parents and ensuring the safety and comfort of their babies. Ellie’s story is one of innovation, empathy, and a relentless pursuit of excellence.


Ellie Baby Plus is not just a baby monitor; it is a testament to Ellie’s dedication to providing parents with the perfect solution for baby monitoring. Through advanced technology, secure connectivity, and a deep understanding of parental needs, and Smart Baby Monitor With APP stands as a beacon of trust and reliability for families everywhere. Discover the story of Ellie and experience the perfect blend of innovation and care for your baby.

Mom's Choice Awards
“We are happy to award deserving products like the Ellie Baby Pro Monitor. Our panel of judges really felt this product merited a place on our list of the best in family-friendly products that parents and educators can feel confident in using.”

Dawn Matheson, CEO, Mom’s Choice Awards