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Which is best baby monitor for your needs?


The Simshine Hima Baby Pro vs Simshine Baby Pro comparison article should help give parents more information on which model would work best for their family’s needs! Read on below to learn about these two baby cameras and decide which one might be right for you!


What is the difference between the Simshine Hima Baby Pro and the Simshine Baby Pro?

Simshine Hima Baby Pro is the newest baby monitor, it has 5 new features that Simshine Baby Pro doesn’t support.

  • Covered Face Alarm: When Simshine Hima Baby 2 detects a covered face under the sleep mode setting, a notification will be sent to parents
  • Breathing Detection & Sleeping Quality Report: Track the baby breathing, and provide sleep quality analytics that can help you gain insights around your baby's sleep patterns
  • Temp & Humidity Sensor: Help parents set ideal conditions for baby’s sleep.
  • Person Tracking: Automatically rotate the lens to track moving objects, Keeps the baby in the monitoring zone
  • Privacy Mode Monitoring: Customize the monitoring and visible area of the camera to protect the family’s privacy.


What’s more, the Simshine Hima Baby Pro comes with 3 upgraded features.

  • Upgrade Audio Quality& Lullaby: Gives a more powerful tool to calm your baby's nervous system and lull them to sleep.
  • Baby Memory Journal: Not only save the joyful photos, but also keep the meaningful moments' videos in baby memory journal
  • Customizable Auto-photo Capture: Custom auto-photo capture under night vision as parents need.


What’s Included in The Box & What Accessories You Can Buy?

The basic package of Simshine Hima Baby Pro includes the camera, SD card and crib holder with cable. And you can also purchase separately a floor stand and a wall mount if in need. Additional accessories like Baby Signaler and Baby Monitor Screen can help you check live stream and get reminders of baby without opening the Mobile.

The basic package of Simshine Baby Pro includes the camera, SD card and crib holder with cable. And the floor stand, Baby Signaler and Baby Monitor Screen are also available for Simshine Baby Pro.


Simshine Hima Baby Pro & Simshine Baby Pro Baby Monitors – FAQ

1.Does it have a night light?
Both of the Simshine Hima Baby Pro and Simshine Baby Pro don’t have a night light.

2.Is Alexa or Google Aide assimilation readily available on this 2nd gen camera Simshine Hima Baby 2 so we have the option of viewing on somewhere apart from simply a phone?
The SimHome App can only be compatible with Android Mobile & iPhone. We do not presently use Alexa or Google Assistant assimilation.

3.How does the app SimHome work if I have 2 monitors, one per baby?
The SimHome App can be linked to several Simshine monitor gadgets, as well as users can quickly switch backward and forward between video feeds. Device positioning and also nearby individuals, pets, or noises can cause incorrect readings, so we advise having just one Simshine Baby monitor in each space for the most precise breathing & sleeping pattern surveillance.

4.Does Simshine Baby Pro & Simshine Baby Pro Work with Snoo?
Smart baby monitors don’t work with Snoo. The main reason is that vibrating bassinets like Snoo may lead to incorrect motion and breathing tracing, which may occur in false alarms.

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