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Customer Reviews
  • Ddbones
    2023-10-03 11:23:00

    High quality baby monitor

    This monitor is easy to use and has true to life video images with an app that works even when operating other apps. It offers sound activation, motion detection and a remote control camera. It has a digital zoom with a large field of view that can easily encompass a baby's entire crib or room depending on placement.
  • Bernadine
    2023-10-14 12:00:00

    High quality.

    I was recommended to buy it by my friend, and it did not disappoint me. This product is really worth buying, and I am very grateful for my friend's conscience recommendation.
  • carlos
    2023-07-25 12:00:00

    It's perfect.

    This is awesome. You can see it very clearly.There's nothing to say about the mass here. It's perfect.
  • Taylor S
    2023-08-23 12:00:00

    It works very well.

    We bought it and put it in our camping trailer so we could monitor it remotely when we went on short trips.The good news is that we now use it at home.Look after the baby.So, it works very well.
  • Jessica
    2023-10-17 12:00:00

    Love this!

    Wonderful camera that gives you excellent picture quality and peace of mind. Super convenient to be able to watch through my phone and have it still on in the background while using other apps. Highly recommend.
  • Geoff
    2023-09-08 02:02:20

    Best baby monitor I've had!

    This thing is awesome and I'l lbe getting another one. It takes a photo every day of your baby so you have a photo diary of your young one growing up! It tracks their sleep, soothes them if they wake up. A couple of my friends actually ordered this thing 'cause they found it so cool. Thank yoU!
  • Laurie J
    2023-09-20 12:52:00


    We are very pleased with this monitor. We hung it from the wall over the crib and are able to view not only the crib, but the entire room. What we love most is the quality of the picture. It is so bright and clear during the day, and the night vision is great as well. We would definitely purchase this again and would recommend to anyone who is in the market for a great baby monitor.
  • Ivyon
    2023-10-19 02:42:00

    So amazing features!

    The monitor has so many amazing features. My favorite is the cry detection and soothing sounds the moment it hears your baby! But don’t forget about the 360 rotation, 24/7 sleep reports and many hours of playback footage - VERY high quality and MUCH MORE!!
  • Kyle
    2023-08-26 02:01:00

    Product very satisfied

    First of all, this camera is very cute when it is turned on. It can rotate 360 ​​degrees. The night vision is also very clear. The video is stable. When I do things outside the room, it can perfectly record whether the baby is sleeping, awake or crying. I am satisfied that it is still playing music to soothe the baby. Overall it is good.
  • Kathryn Koh
    2022-07-04 03:16:00

    We love this baby camera

    This is the second baby monitor we bought. Love it! The crying and monitor detection are perfect, exactly what we were looking for. I also love the danger zone notifications because I’m always worried about baby leave from safe area.
  • Nicole Yea
    2023-09-01 03:35:00

    I really love the picture

    Overall quite happy. Camera is very clear - great picture. The notifications are coming out immediately when detect the baby falls asleep and cries. The auto-capture feature is really amazing. I got a lot of funny snapshots. Lol
  • Raychal Cromwell
    2023-09-27 04:06:00

    A must have for all parents.

    Allows me to be with my child wherever I go and gives me piece at night without having to get up every moment. Not to mention the videos and photos that can be saved are priceless.
  • Rachael Wilhelm
    2023-08-07 06:19:00

    Wonderful baby monitor

    Really love this baby monitor. It has a very easy set up with clear instructions. It has an app you use with it to check in on your baby which also works great. It has a decent quality picture but that’s all you really need for a quick check in. This monitor even picks up sounds and motion which sends you an alert when it detects. Overall, really love this product.
  • Sarah
    2023-07-18 05:15:00

    Great Option for Travel!

    This baby camera was perfect for our vacation. Yes, you need to have wifi to connect to it, but you can use your phone as a hot spot.I’m sure it would be good for home use too, but it was worth it to have a baby monitor on the go. Excellent picture quality and night vision.
  • Jennifer canady
    2023-09-17 03:58:00

    Must have! Definitely buy!

    Ellie baby Pro is a must have on your registry! Super good picture and sound quality! Even has different lullabies for baby! So many cool features that make this baby monitor so worth it! It alerts you when baby cries and the baby doesn’t even have to be in the room! Super useful for when I’m in school and the baby is being babysat!
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